Sunday, April 26, 2015

3D Coat - Tutorial #2, Video #4

Hi Cubify Fans!
    Video Four of the 3D Coat Experience is uploading as I type. In this one I introduce a few more tools. The Airbrush used with stencil, The Pose tool and the cutoff tool and the fill tool. I build a simple (I do mean simple) Teddy Bear using only Primitives. Then using smooth and fill tweak it a little. Then I texture it to look fuzzy using the Airbrush tool with a Stencil, This is such a powerful tool. We will revisit this tool in different ways as we continue. At the End I go back to our Pencil cup created from Video 3 and show you using the same tools how to place a monagram or a logon on your cup.

    This Video was delayed a little I was going to release this last weekend but It was my birthday and family called me on it. I also am going to change my format a little I think in a way that will be more beneficial. Every video including this one is going to have a primer just on the new tools used in the current video or an in-depth primer on one's used prior. This way you can re-watch the tool tips when needed to refresh or brush up. I am planning to include links in the modeling videos to take you to the tool tips if needed.

So here is the Link to take you to the latest Video Enjoy and let me know what is missing. PS in this video I have a few issues in the modeling process I chose to leave in rather than edit to make me look smoother. This way you can see how to recover from these issues.

Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy the latest in the series.
John Pennington


  1. Wow! That was fun!!

    I'm VERY happy that we started this series. Nice job. :)

    1. Thanks Tom I am enjoying the journey as well. :)