Sunday, November 30, 2014

3DFAN: Confirmed New Filament Begins Shipping in Week!

This news was posted as a comment today:
3dFan has left a new comment on your post "Thanksgiving Treat: Cubify Clent 2.14 - Cleaner 2...":

I just received an email from Cubify in response to my question about cartridge delays. They confirmed that cartridges back ordered will ship in one week!

 This is great news!   Thank you 3DFan!

Concerning the older filament compounds:

I will try to obtain some of the new filament for testing as soon as possible.  It's interesting that the most reliable filament that I have had is the black PLA.  It has never failed.

All the others, at some point, stripped at the center driver gear, indicating to me that many colors of the older compound filament had a softer surface and that for what ever reason the black color may have a harder surface. 

Wish List:

I do wish that the printer or Cubify software would report the temperature at the print jet as it is printing.  I also wish that we had a "purge" function that allowed us to control both temperature and feed speed from the printer's control display.  Hopefully, we will see these in future updates.

I know this run counter to the goal of everything being totally automated.  But, in truth, it would provide those who choose to use these features a level of control that ultimately makes life easier, not harder.

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  1. Great news regarding the new filament. Does this mean that if I oreder a cube 3 in a week, I will get new filament in my box?