Monday, November 10, 2014

Firmware Updates for Cube3's NOT on WiFi.

I never connected my 1st or 2nd generation Cubes via WiFi.  And, while I now have my personal 3rd Generation Cube connected via WiFi, I do NOT expect to be able to connect via WiFi in our Youth Challenge classrooms

At the time of this writing, those operating their Cube3 printers without being connected via WiFi, must contact Cubify Support to have the firmware files and documentation sent to you via email. 

My most recent update was over WiFi.  But, my first firmware update was applied using a USB drive.  The printer is capable of being updated either way.

I suspect that they are interested in determining how many people do want or cannot use the WiFi option.  Perhaps, keeping track of requests for updates makes this easier.

I am told that Cubify Support usually replies within 12 hours during weekday hours anywhere in the world.  In rare cases this could extend to 24 hours.  I have no idea what the response time is on the weekends; but, I do know some support personnel check in from home even when they are technically off.

If you experience delays greater than 24 hours from weekday queries, please let me know, because it could indicate problems in the system with which they are not aware.


  1. Hi Tom, I am confused, so can the Cube 3 firmware be updated via wifi ? after downloading, it failed to updated the firmware during the verifying process. My current firmware is 1.07.

  2. I have updated my machine on two occasions. The first was to 1.08A, which I updated via USB drive. The second was 1.08B in which I took advatage of the WiFi connection. Both updates took a LONG time.

    I urge anyone having a firmware update failure to immediately contact Cubify Software so they can address any issues in the update process as quickly as possible.

  3. Hi, I have a problem update my Cube 3 firmware to 1.14. Now printer not responding.
    What a can do?


    1. Wow! Not fun.

      I hate to try to troubleshoot a firmware update when I have no experience with a firmware failure. I would email Let us know the outcome.

  4. I have a cube 3 with firmware 1.10 I just tried to print and it said error 317, I read I need to update my firmware. I tried thru wifi and it says cannot connect to server because I think 3D systems shut it down so I downloaded firmware 1.14 to my windows pc and under file manager I went to the firmware and hit sent to usb thumb drive. I put the USB thumb drive in the cube 3 and went to firmware USB and it says update Failed!! What is going on, I'm driving myself crazy to get this working to teach my daughters. I bought this for them because it was easy to use, you could print right from the cube print App, now you can't, they shut down the server. I'm very upset. Also their filament went up for this. They should issue everyone a refund!! Can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do with the firmware upgrade???
    Thank you so much!!!!

    1. I already updated to 1.14; but, decided to see if I could connect to the 3D System's server. I could not.

      That leaves us with only one alternative and that is using a USB drive. Please try to download the firmware again and retry. If it still fails, contact me immediately. My email is

    2. Hi tom, I have the same issue. error 317. tried to update via wifi, unable to connect to server. tried via usb says failed.. what can i do?