Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Treat: Cubify Clent 2.14 - Cleaner 2 Color Prints

Actually, it has been up for at least a week or so; but, I hadn't had time to download and install it.

Among the improvements that 3D Systems has made in the 3rd Generation Cubify Client software is the ability to simply apply the new updates without having to first uninstall the old versions.

The new Cubify software now supports both the Cube 3 and the Ekocycle.

When installing, be sure to make the right choice about saving your exhisting application data.  I expect most of us do not want to lose our shelf information, etc. and I assume that's what will happen if one says "No" to that question.  I didn't try that for obvious reasons.'

The update can be found on the Cube 3 Activate Page.

You should see significantly cleaner two-color prints with 2.14.  I will verify this within a day or two.  But, first, I'm off to eat turkey and generally stuff myself into oblivion.  :)


  1. I just received an email from Cubify in response to my question about cartridge delays. They confirmed that cartridges back ordered will ship in one week!

  2. @3DFan: Nice! Thanks for the heads up on the cartridge fulfillment. I'm getting pretty low on my initial ones and have lots of things to get printed in the next few weeks.

    @Tom: LOL! Hopefully by now you've awakened from your turkey-induced sleep!

    1. NOTHING will wake me from my Turkey-induced stupor until all the Turkey is gone... and that will be a while yet!

      I'm very anxious to check the new filament... in my sleep if necessary! :)