Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tip on Cube 3 WiFi Connection

Whenever I gat an email from a reader that provides solutions based on their own experience and ability to troubleshoot, I am reminded why I love blogging.  It is not only a way to share my own ideas; but, provides a communal connection for all users.

I'd heard from some users about intermittent WiFi issues with the Cube3.  But, since I'd not run into the issue, had no explanations.  Fortunately, one of our community not only had the Wifi issue; but, found the solution. 

Jesus MG had a problem where his PC would not always recognize his Cube 3 printer.  He solved the problem by giving administrator permissions to Cubify.exe. 

Jesus MG writes...

  • Go to: “C:\ Program Files( x86)\3D Systems\Cubify\ Cubify.exe “ 
  • Click right button> Properties > Compatibility> Run program as administrator
  • Now it seems that there are no problems.
The internet is wonderful.

It doesn't matter where we are in the world, we can provide solutions to fellow users anywhere else around the world.

But, being helpful isn't limited to providing solutions.  Sharing challenges is equally helpful.  People writing to me about the issues they find, helps me assess how widespread a problem might be throughout the user base.  By pooling our experiences and observations with filament issues we might be able to better narrow down the causes... heating, stripping, STL design, etc.. 

Every communication (except the dreaded SPAM) helps! :)


  1. I met that wifi problem, then solved it by your posted suggestion. but only after one day, it happened again, and can't go back any more by that method. i am just waiting for the response from cubify support, and back here if i got something useful. so far i can only use ADHOC mode for file transferring

  2. hello ! thank you for running this blog !
    i've got a Cube3 that have wifi problems. the problem seem not to be on the computer because the printer can't see any wifi network. more, the printer have also heating problems... do you think it can be internet connector issue or thing like that ?