Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cubify Client 3.0 - A Significant Improvement

Here is a video showing the significant changes to the new Cubify Client 3.0. 

Downloading this version is definitely worth your time.

We can now stay in the PRINT Tab for the bulk of the time.  We can add items by dropping and dragging from Explorer and delete items from the table right from the Print Tab.

There is a series of help screens that will be really helpful for new users.  And, it is more clear as to whether we have supports and sidewalk turned on.  The latter has been available for the CubePro for some time and now is a highly visible functionality for the Cube3.  The primary benefit of sidewalk s to provide addedd adhesion to the print table and extra stability to objects without supports.

Check it out!

Kudos to the Cubify Client design team!  Nice changes.  :)


  1. Do you know where we can download version 3? I couldn't find the app at

    1. Go to and look at the box in the bottom right of the pages label "APPS" and you can download it from there.

  2. Hey Tom. I'm noticing very slow speed with the Cube 3 in what looks to be sub-optimal slicing in V3 (see Any thoughts about this or potentially using other slicers with the Cube 3rd gen?

  3. Sorry YaronGo,

    I have been extremely busy with our KickStarter MOI lessons and have not had a chance to test the slicing speed as yet. I'll try to get to it over the weekend. I welcome anyone responding to YaronGo's question in the meantime... especially if you are using an alternate slicer.

  4. Does it work with the Cube 1 or 2