Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Going to be a Great Cubify Year

I was just sitting here thinking about the first part of this year and how the introduction of the 3rd Gen Cube didn't go as smoothly as we all hoped and then it dawned on me that the last half of this year is going to be quite a different story.

First, all the Cube and CubePro manufacturing has been consolidated at a nice, shiny new facility that has been described as huge.  Secondly, I am no longer receiving frantic emails about clogged cartridges from new cube owners.  That doesn't mean I don't still get emails looking for help.  but, they are very few as compared to earlier in the year and generally only from people completely new to 3D printing that need help with setting up their machine, like leveling and setting the gap.  I'm happy to hear from them because all of us where there at some point in our journey.

But, that says to me that things have settled down on the Cube 3 front and I am very happy to see that.

But, there is more than that to cheer about as we move through the rest of the year.  3d Systems has already promised a new material for the CubePro... NYLON!  I consider this a VERY big deal.  Of course, I'm also hoping that eventually Cube owners will be able to print in nylon; but, for now at least, that would only be speculation.  If not, then one out of two isn't bad.  :)

Then we have seen big improvements in the Sense software and the introduction of the iSense for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.  I have an iPhone5.  But, having owned the Sense, I am impressed enough with the advantages of a cable free scanner that I'm upgrading my phone just to be able to use the new iPhone scanner.

But, that isn't all.  At YouthQuest we already took delivery of the ProJet 1200 SLA printer suitable for creating castable dental and jewelry objects.  And, it is my understanding that the full color CubeJet will, in fact, be shipping within the next few months and certainly by the end of the year. 

WOW!  I almost forgot the consumer level Haptic device.  I haven't used one yet; but, I was informed that YouthQuest has ordered a couple for our new 3D ThinkLink Lab space that we will be opening in the Fall.  When one arrives, I will definintely let you know if it makes designing in Sculpt or 3D Coat significantly easier.  I'm betting that it does.

So, we have a lot to look forward to as we move forward in 2015.  I'm as excited by what is to come as I was that first time I laid eyes on the 1st Gen Cube just a few short years ago.


  1. Tom: agree - I just unboxed a new Cube 3 for my STEM camp and it worked the first time without any problems. And on the filament options, I'd sure love flexible or even translucent PLA. Imagine using live hinges with rigid, connected parts - like a 3D printed folding wallet!

    PS you're going to have fun with the haptic device - its almost like its alive!

  2. You're making me jealous! I would think that it's just a matter of time before we see all manner of new filament options. But, since they already announced nylon for the CubePro, I hope that is on the list for the Cube3.

  3. Tom, I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the work you did making your excellent tutorials and making them available on youtube. I've watched them all and just went back to watch the plane tutorial again. You are a fantastic teacher and because of you I am designing and printing some fantastic items. I purchased Cubify Invent and then Design. The software is amazing and again, thank you so much for teaching me how to use it. Regards - Rickcad

    1. That is very kind of you. :)

      I am happy to hear that my tutorials got you started in the right direction!