Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good News! Wider Availability of Cube3 Cartridges from Reliable Vendors

While shopping at a local MicroCenter store I stumbled across an entire shelf of 3rd Gen Cube cartridges.  This is great news because it means instant availability of filament when I need it.  Then I realized that I had not checked online vendors in a while.  So, I decided to find other retailers where we can order 3rd Gen Cube and CubePro cartridges.

While not as convenient as my local MicroCenter store, B & H Photo's shipping usually gets things to my door in one day... at either free or standard shipping costs.  So, if you don't have a local source and you need it fast, check out B & H Photo.  Adorama is another very reliable vendor.  And, they were the only one to advertise a Cube 3D printer at a sale price ($860.97) .and free shipping at the time of this writing.  But, they often use FedEx Ground which can take a few more days than B & H Photo provides.  I'm told that B & H Photo has their own UPS terminal and I believe it.

So here are some great options for you when you need that next batch of filament in a hurry.

B & H Photo 

Online with very reliable and fast delivery.

Search Terms:  "3D Systems Cube 3 PLA", "3D Systems Cube 3 ABS" or "3D Systems Cube 3" 

B & H Photo carries the entire 3rd Gen Cube and CubePro lines including printers, cartridges, glue and accessories.  They also carry filament for the 1st and 2nd Gen Cube printers.

Products arrive the next day in the Mid-Atlantic region even with standard shipping   I've trusted this company for decades and can't say enough about their reliability and honesty.  Ask any professional photographer.


Online and local in 25 locations. 

Search Term: "3D Systems"

Most if not all, local stores carry some cartridges in stock.  Local stock can be verified through the online store.  They also sell the 3rd Gen Printer through their online store.  They do not carry CubePro cartridges.


Online with very reliable service.

Search Term: "3D Systems"

Like B & H Photo, Adorama is famous for reliable and honest service among professional photographers.  I've purchased from them as long as I have B & H Photo and have never had a problem. 

They carry both the 3rd Gen Cube and the CubePro along with cartridges for both.

At the current time they are selling the gray version of the Cube3 for $860.97 with free shipping. 


Online and limited local

Search Term: "3D Systems"

Staples' online store carries both the 3rd Gen Cube (free shipping) and the CubePro printers.  But, they only carry Cube materials (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen).  The last time I checked, very few stores stocked materials locally. 

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