Monday, June 29, 2015

Please Help! Just a little more to get us over the top!

We've got just 44 hours to go to reach our goal of 10,000 and we only need a little under $1,100.

So, once again, I am turning to my readers to help us meet our goal to help us in our efforts to release our curriculum in final form.

YouthQuest KickStarter

I know that most of you already have a 3D design application.  But, even so, I'm asking your help so that we can expand the work we do with at-risk young people.  I hoping to see a last minute surge from you to take us over the top.

Then come back here in a few hours.  I believe that I have SOLVED the problem of how to PRECISELY align the print jets.  My fix is in the printer as I write this and I have to run out and pick up an inexpensive tool to use with it.  But, I think you are going to be VERY pleased.  If it works as I hope, the download will be offered for free.

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