Thursday, January 26, 2012

Be Surrounded By Geniuses

Recently, through an innovation initiative at my day job, I had the privilege to meet Alan Gregerman, a fascinating author and speaker.  His latest book is called "Surrounded by Geniuses" and if you want to really soar in life and work, I heartily recommend it.

Beyond his books, he also publishes a blog.  On his blog I learned he is also a big fan of Derek Sivers!  Timely, isn't it???  :)

In the linked blog entry, Mr. Gregerman explains how he became sold on the CDBaby experience!

Beyond Expectations, October 12,2009

Alan Gregerman's conclusion says it all...

"We win in business when we imagine the most remarkable customer
experience--an experience that captures the imagination of those we have
the privilege to serve.  Maybe it's time for you and the geniuses
around you to let your imaginations take flight.

While it may not be obvious yet, since is still in development, I fully expect that ALL Cubify members will realize, in short order, that ALL of us are surrounded by geniuses simply by being a part of such a creative community fostered by such a creative company.


I'd like to recognize one of these geniuses now,   The Cubify user name of the designer is Sidnaique.  I find their designs elegantly simple and immediately useful! 


Some other interesting designs by this designer are... an escalator sign.. 

An elevator sign... 

And, something completely different... 

Yep!  This is going to be a fun adventure and one in which we are surrounded by genius in every direction we look!  And, that is a GREAT position in which to find one's self.  Nice job Sidnaique!

By the way, I believe that Sidnaique is from Goa, India.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Cubify isn't even fully operational yet and example after example of our world-wide collective genius is already shining through.

Alan Gregerman is RIGHT!

It IS great to be surrounded by Geniuses!


  1. Hello Tom,
    thank you so much!! It is not easy to express how it feels after reading an article like this about my work. Thanks a lot!
    And yes, I am from Goa.

    sid naique.

  2. You deserved the attention to your work. Your uploads show others applications for 3D printing that will spark other creative uses for 3D printing. Nice job!

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