Sunday, January 15, 2012

CES - Some and Cube 3D Printer Videos

My granddaughters (9 & 12) and I spent some time this weekend checking out the videos from CES that show the Cube 3D printer in action.  They are as excited as I am at the prospect of being able to print real objects in 3D in their very own home and school.  What's not to like about that!!!

By the way, the Nano bracelet was a huge hit since the oldest got a Nano for Christmas.

Here are some of our favorite videos.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring five of the best of them together in one place.  The "Views" indicates the number of YouTube views that were reported at the time this entry was composed. 

I hope this is helpful to you in your quest to learn more about and the Cube 3D printer.

1..  Submitted by:  Cubify3Ds          Views: 36,900

The initial introductory video produced by 3D Systems.  Excellent overview of both and the Cube 3D printer.

2.  Submitted by:  Hak5Darren Views: 3,045

Probably the most comprehensive video thus far. It's a live interview with Cathy Lewis of 3D Systems.  You have to endure some ads.  But, it's worth it,

3.  Submitted by:  TechReviewChannel09           Views: 309

An excellent introduction to the Cube by Rajeev Kulkarni, General Manger of the Consumer Solutions Div., 3D Systems for C/Net

4.  Submitted by:   HotelGansevoort          Views: 835

Another excellent interview of  Cathy Lewis, VP International Marketing of 3D Systems. presenting an introduction to and the Cube.

5.  Submitted by:  PCPro          Views: 4,459

A short, but very clear, view of a Nano bracelet being printed.  Good video for catching the printing strategy used by the Cube printing open spaces without support materials.

Here are some links to additional Cube videos we watched...

Submitted by:  cfinley          Views: 183
A very short video by that shows a closeup of the Nano bracelet being printed.

Submitted by:  Isaiah4115          Views: 524
A very quick scan through the Cubify booth at CES 2012 showing several objects being printed.

Submitted by:  PCWorldVideos          Views: 2,454 
A more thorough look at the Cube printing a rocking horse.

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