Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Importance of Software Amply Illustrated

While we wait for more news from Cubify.com and the Cube, I thought it might be fun to explore some of the concepts that we are going to need to take advantage of these great new developments.

CONCEPT #1:  Software is Critically Important

This is a great example of software being vitally important to realizing the true potential of hardware.

Obviously, these objects could not do what they do without some seriously good software.  Fortunately, 3D Systems recognizes this and are actively seeking and encouraging innovative and easy 3D design applications.

But, there is another concept critical our making the most of the Cube.  And, that is...

CONCEPT #2:  You Can't Get There Without Breaking Some Things.

Innovation ALWAYS involves risks... as this spectacular footage amply demonstrates.

We can expect to have more than a few failures as we build our first objects.  Don't panic.  Failure is just a natural part of the creative process.  I, for one, am very impressed by people that learn from failure and, as these wonderful examples demonstrate, putting up with some failures is more than rewarded if we learn from them.

Nice job!  In fact, VERY nice job!

That is my kind of course work!

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