Friday, May 4, 2012

May 25 is the Cube Ship Date!

I've been an early adopter of many, many cool products for more than a quarter of a century.

But, I don't know that I have EVER anticipated the arrival of ANY product like I am anticipating receiving the new Cube 3D Printer.

Perhaps that is because I already own a 3D printer and know how it can enhance a life.  Or, perhaps it's because I've actually seen it in action and know what a great design it is.  Or, perhaps it's because I will be able to pick it up and carry it anywhere because it is beautifully compact and rugged.

I could continue that last paragraph for a lot more sentences.  Because there are many, many reasons why I love 3D printing and am particularly looking forward to the Cube 3D printer specifically.

I recently told my wife that of all the technologies I've embraced since the 1960's, 3D printing has to be the most personally rewarding.  Having a 3D printer, along with a wonderfully easy 3D package, Moments of Inspiration, has been a real joy.  There is nothing quite being able to turn abstract ideas into concrete, physical reality.  Not only does it satisfy the creative instinct in us that have existed for years; but, I can tell you, personally, that it exponentially spawns completely new ideas.

I've spent the last few years researching the plasticity of the brain.  Science has learned that we can GROW our brains.  Learning and creativity, literally, ADDS molecular structure to our brains.

If you are a parent or grandparent that wants to encourage creativity in the lives of your children and grandchildren, then I highly recommend that you take a serious look at the Cube 3D printer.  It's not just fun.  It's not just artistic.  3D modeling and printing is more than the sum of its parts when it comes to expanding the mind and growing the brain.

I don't expect my head to explode from an out of control expanding brain.  But, I do expect my creative ability to grow even more with the addition of the Cube.  And, I expect my grand children's creativity to also take a positive leap as they come up with new ways to use 3D printing for school projects and their lives in general.

So, as you can imagine, hearing that a date has been set for the Cube to be shipped was more than a little bit exciting for me.  And, after I receive it and have been able to test the designs on the Cube, itself, expect a flood of posts showing you some of the things I've enjoyed making and testing with my RapMan 3.2 3D printer.

I can hardly wait!

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