Friday, May 25, 2012

Tomorrow is Today!

Well.  It's finally come.  The tomorrow that we have been anticipating.  It's no longer a day away.  It's here.

The official announcement has been posted on the Cubify Blog!

There is no telling when all of us that pre-ordered the Cube will find one on their doorstep.  But, at least those close to the shipping point should see them start showing up by early next week.

I also note that some are going to be hand delivered.  I suspect that service is most likely for those employees inside of 3D Systems that pre-ordered one.   You see, even though the employees of the Rock Hill headquarters have at least some access to the Cubes in the office,  I personally know that some want their own personal Cube.  Just like us, they are plunking down their own personal cash for one.  They think it's that good.

One of the comments I heard from a 3D Systems employee in describing why they wanted one is that it is the first 3D printer they'd seen where you can just take it out of the box and start printing!

All the previous offerings required a good bit of setup and calibrating before one could print the first piece.  I hope they are right.  Because, that is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for since at least 2007 when I started my original 3D Printer Users blog.

Like you, I don't expect mine to be hand-delivered.  So, I won't be waiting at the door just yet.  I'll enjoy my holiday weekend and THEN wait at the door!  :)

Let us know when yours arrives!  We're anxious to hear how the distribution is going!  And, I will certainly let you know when I've put my own Cube, when it arrives, through the STL torture test that completely confounded my RepRap!

Wow.  Friday.  On the verge of a nice long weekend.  And, the Cube is shipping.

It is DEFINITELY a very nice day!


I don't know, as yet, how the process will work.  But, I'm told that we will have to ACTIVATE our Cube 3D printers before we can start printing.  I suspect this means that we will have to have direct internet access.  But, I could be wrong.  If anyone has some more definitive news on this, please post a comment here and let us know how that is intended to work. 

I plan to carry my Cube around a bit and use it with different computers.  So, I hope it's a one time process and not a requirement to register every machine/printer combination.

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