Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another User Review

DEELIP.COM has posted an excellent step-by-step article about their "Opening Experience" and a follow-up article about printing a shark that was downloaded from

Opening the Cube Package

The images are especially good at showing not only the contents that come with the Cube.  But, the LCD screen used to control it.  It's a MUST READ if you are interested in the Cube or afraid 3D printing is too complicated.  Here is a sample image from the article...

Test the Limits of the Cube - Printing the Shark

The first article was followed up by a second covering the printing of a hammerhead shark that was downloaded from  What is impressive about this test is the both the orientation and thinness of the fins.  Again, a MUST READ.


I have no idea if Deelip Menezes owns the company in India that is responsible for the programming and designing the Cubify site or simply works for them.  But, that relationship is stated right up front along with their complete lack of experience actually using a 3D printer.

And, it is success of printing in the face of Deelip's lack of experience with a 3D printer that is going to be indicative, I think, of all first time users.  The other common experience, for those of us with children or grandchildren, is enjoying how excited they are at being able to print their own objects.

Deelip captures this very nicely in a third article called The Joy of Creation.

I love Deelip's writing style and will provide a permanent link to their blog.

Nice job!


  1. Tom,

    I head the 3D Systems India operations. I am responsible for the Cubify platform (web site, web services, systems for back end operations, etc.) and my team here has been building all these pieces. It's still very much a work in progress. ;-)

    Last April 3D Systems acquired two companies I founded - Sycode ( and Print3D ( That's how I got into 3D Systems. I'm a software guy and am not directly involved in the hardware side of the 3D Systems business.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Nice work.

  2. Hi Deelip,

    I enjoy your posts of your children enjoying the Cube. My granddaughters love it! And, my experience with them mirrors that you have had with your own children.

    Now that my grandchildren are out of school, I'm pointing them to TinkerCad ( and/or 3DTin ( Noth are both easy and difficult (bcause they try too hard to be easy). So, I have no idea how well they will take to either of them.

    But, they are online experiences so it's worth chasing done.

    I hope you don't mind if I beat up on Cubify from time to time. I will only do because I care that it ends up being the best experience for ALL of us. The good news is that it seems to be shaping up in the past few iterations. :)