Monday, June 11, 2012

Printing the Cubify Hex Nut and Bolt Creation

The Nut and Bolt Creation uses the least amount of filament.  Yet, it is among the coolest and most useful Creation in terms of demonstrating the precision and the usefulness of the Cube 3D printer.

Cubify Hex Nut and Bolt Creation

The two parts fit beautifully together.  Here is a short video that goes through the printing process and also demonstrates that the nut and bolt actually work!  You can expand the video to full screen for a better look.

Very Cool!  In fact, I can think of no better sample to select as your first Cube print.

Let me know what you think about this step-by-step technique.  In all the stop motion videos I've seen involving 3D printing, the print head darts about so rapidly that it seems to me that it distracts from the real focus, which is the process of printing the object.  This technique, I believe allows us to stop and reflect on the important lessons to be learned.  I welcome your comments.


  1. Hi Tom,
    Nice explanation through your video. I have a question. Does the software give you the option to bouild a solid object (full plastic inside) instead of semi hollow in case strength of the part is needed?
    Thank you

  2. The current version of the software, as far as I know, does not have that capability. However, it is something that I think would be useful for the next update.

    Their goal is to keep the software as simple as possible. But, one or two more advanced features like 100% fill would be very useful.

    100% fill is not simply a "nice" thing to have. In some cases, it could be critically important to the function of the part, itself. So, you have my vote. :)

  3. Does the software take care of hollowing out the item so I wont have to do that with the model?

  4. Hi can you tell me where I can get the filke for this? I have a cubex trio that i want to try this out on.