Saturday, June 9, 2012

Included Creations - High Volume Group

The high volume group of free Creations for the Cube is relatively small.  Yet, from the point of view of learning, at least one or two are invaluable.



I know that this shoe comes in at a volume of 74,941.24 cubic millimeters.  But, no matter how many of the other creations you print, make sure you include this one.  From bottom to top and every layer in between there is something to learn and appreciate about this wonderfully designed shoe.

Most of the time, I tell people to simply walk away and do other things while a an item is being printed.  But, this time I'm going to suggest that you return every so often to see just how the designers managed to design this show with so many interesting features without having to use any external support.  It's masterful.

Besides, everyone thinks it is VERY cool when you show it around the office or to friends!  They certainly don't have one like it!  LOL!



I'll have to print this one out to see if it actually has some value worth using 77,593.27 cubic millimeters of ABS... not to mention the time if ties up the Cube.  If it was created in an app where I could apply my initials or name, I'd be more excited about it.  It MIGHT have the capability to be used as a charger.  (Note the little gap in the back) and if that is the case, then it just might win my admiration.  We'll see.  I'll print it before passing judgement.



Here the big deal is to check out the orientation and see how important it is to be able to fit a large object in the print envelope.  Yes, I know that is uses 134,979.30 cubic millimeters of filament.  But, it's just too cool to pass up.  Look Ma!  No Support!  Cool!


If it didn't have the happy face and the old time smokestack I'd blow this one off as WAY too expensive in terms of material to be bothered with.   But, it DOES have those things and being a Thomas The Train junkie, I'm a bit of a sucker for adorable little trains.  Even so, the only reason I'm going to print it out is to see if there is something I'm missing here.  I'll use up 18,2748.40 cubic millimeters so that you can see how it turns out before you spend that much filament.  I'm a little skeptical.



Now, at a whopping 185,500.50 cubic millimeters this shoe tops our list.  But, even so, it is something I will definitely print because I want... no, take that back... NEED to see if there are any design tricks I can glean from this shoe that might be different from the Macedonian version.

But, there is an even more motivating factor for wanting to print this particular design.  And, that is that this shoe looks like a great candidate for sanding and painting.  I want to BLING this thing!

As a teen in the late 1950's and early 1960's I drooled over Candy Apple Red hot rods and metal flake Corvettes.  Of course, I couldn't afford either.  This show, with it's smooth contours seems to me to be the perfect candidate for a little experiment.  Taking a cue from the Cubify Odyssey Tour Cube, I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do to customize a shoe, if not a Corvette.  I'm going to Pimp My Shoe!  LOL!

Hmmm... maybe this is a great idea for a contest!

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