Monday, December 31, 2012

Cubify - A World of Designers and Manufacturers

This blog is almost a year old.  The first entry is dated January 11, 2012, shortly after the Cube 3D printer was announced.

I knew from the start that the Cube was the 3D printer that was going to open up 3D printing to a whole new group of people.  It was, and continues to be, the first real consumer 3D printer on the market.  But, a consumer 3D printer WITHOUT a community is not nearly as powerful as a driver for good as a 3D printer WITH a community.  And, it was clear, with the release of the Cubify web site, that 3D Systems also understood this.

If you will notice, this blog is called "CubifyFans" and not "CubeFans".  That is not to demean the Cube.  I pride myself on being one of its greatest fans.  It's what makes Cubify possible.  But, the Cube printer is just the first of what I hope will be a long line of ever more powerful 3D printers aimed at the consumer marketplace.  At some point in the future it will be seen as archaic and quaint as the first 1970's Pong game.

1970's Era Super Pong Game System
Few remember the very first 1976 Apple computer was, like many RepRap 3D printers, a 'bare bones' kit meant for hobbyists...

1976 Apple 'Kit' Computer
It wasn't until the release of the Apple II, a true consumer model, that the Apple really made it's mark on our culture.

Apple II -The First Consumer Apple
At the time of its introduction it was heralded as a major technological breakthrough. But, even that is crude by today's standards.  And, so it will be for the Cube in 40 years.

What will remain and grow is the 3D community as represented by

Each of you reading this blog, when you come to own a 3D printer or begin creating a 3D design that can be printed, are founding members of that community.  You are on the ground floor of an inevitable explosion of personal 3D manufacturing that will ultimately cover every corner of the globe.

I have said it before.  But, it remains worthy of repeating...
Through distributed design and manufacturing via Cubify (and other peer-to-peer sites), every Cube (or other 3D printer) owner has the potential for being a manufacturing site having a worldwide stable of designers. And, every 3D designer has the potential for feeding a world-wide network of manufacturing facilities.
The minute you buy a Cube and begin to explore Cubify, YOU are a part of that world-wide dynamic.

On January 26, 2012, I talked about the tremendous potential of being a part of a world-wide network of geniuses. (See: Surrounded by Geniuses ) If you have purchased, for yourself or another member of your family, a 3D printer, then I assume you are among those astute enough to recognize the potential for 3D printing for creative people.

In that article, I mentioned a gentleman in Goa, India named Sid Naique.  At the time, he only had a handful of designs in the Cubify store.  But, even so, it was clear that he was a skillful 3D designer.  I'm happy to say that he is now a featured artist on the Cubify Store where he has specialized in scale model furniture.  As of now, he has at least 47 designs on the Cubify store!

Sid Naique - Kitchen

But, that was just the beginning.  From those first days, just one year ago, Sid Naique has created his own web site to showcase his wondeful creations and wide ranging design skills.

So, thanks to the community that is Cubify, a Cube owner in Kensington, Maryland is not only able to enjoy the work of a young artist in Goa, India; but, 'manufacture' it as well on my own 3D printer!

This is what Cubify is all about!  And, THAT is why I am a Cubify Fan!


  1. A stroll down memory lane. I built my first home computer, a Sphere, in 1976. It was also sold assembled as the the REAL first consumer machine combining the microprocessor with the TV typewriter. Nobody really wanted the pseudo mini Altair with its octal flashing eyes and thumb switches.

    PS: I now have both the Cube and an Afinia (aka UP!) The US OEM for Afinia is just a few miles away. Interesting to compare the work of both machines.

  2. Hi Damon,

    Great to hear from you.

    Wow! 1976... You REALLY take us back there! LOL!

    I think we would agree that almost all of the 3D printers have a place in our world. I enjoy BOTH of my 3D printers and would like to have a chance to try the UP! And, the Lulzbot ( REALLY intrigues me because of its speed and heated bed.

    User groups and peer-to-peer interaction helped the computer industry grow and thrive and that is what we aim to do here.