Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cube in Review - 2012 at 6 Months

This is going to be a very short post.  That is because it's being typed on my granddaughter's iPad.  The iPad is terrific.  But, my skills at typing on a screen are not.  However, I thought that this post was important enough to give it a try as I travel.

BOTTOM LINE - The Cube is Every Thing I'd Hoped it Would be and MORE

It's been almost 6 months since I opened my Cube's box.  In the subsequent months, between then and now, it has performed extremely well, traveled well and spawned lot's of creative ideas in myself and others.  And it is the latter idea that I want to communicate this morning.

Right now my Cube is in the hands of the staff of Freestate Challenge Academy.  I had the privilege of introducing 3D printing to 9 eager students and witnessed exactly what I'd expected to witness... An explosion of creative ideas that always seems to happen when individuals finally grasp what they can do with a 3d printer, and the Cube in particular.  The clean design of the Cube seems to remove any barriers or intimidation and invite an almost instant free flow of ideas.

Ideas came quickly.  but, actually printing those ideas takes a bit more time than a single day.  So, the Cube stayed for a while as I returned home.  There was NO way I was going to deprive those students of the chance to see their designs printed.

Parents.  This past six months with the Cube has convinced me, beyond ANY doubt that there are few gifts that you could give a child that would spark their creativity and grow their brains like a Cube printer.  I.know that it's not cheap.  But, six months of watching it work it's magic with scores of people tells me that it is well worth the investment!

I have more to say on Freestate Challenge Academy and their YouthQuest project when I have an actual keyboard to type.  You are going to love what they have planned.

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