Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CubeJet full color under $5,000!

ok.  They warned me to be ready for a wild ride in 2014.  But, NOBODY told me my head would explode!

How is anybody suppose to take all this in?

Do 3D Systems engineers EVER sleep?  LOL!

Apparently not.  Because, this year CES attendees were already reeling from a dizzying release of an array of new breakthrough 3D scanners, haptic devices and 3D printers when 3D Systems pulled one more surprise from their bag of goodies.

The CubeJet full color printer for under $5,000!

CubeJet Color Samples

CubeJet Full Color 3D Printer 

I was there in 1968 or 1969 when black and white video was only owned by a small handful of people.  And, I was there in 1973 when Akai introduced the first color camera that was even remotely affordable by the handful of people shooting small format video.

Then I watched video explode into the consumer marketplace.

So, I KNOW the value of color when it comes to capturing the eye of the consumer and prosumer marketplace.  Even if many of us, at this stage, cannot see spending $5,000 on a 3D printer, it provides us with a goal or target for the future.  And, that is important.

I actually selected my first SLR camera because Nikon, at the time was not planning on creating a digital full-frame camera.  Canon already had the 5D full-frame camera that was well outside of my budget.  But, knowing that camera body prices come down, I decided to buy the least expensve Canon consumer SLR and lenses that would fit a full frame Canon when I could finally afford one.  That turned out to be a wonderful strategy and I now own a 5D MK II and great "L" lenses that I acquired over time.

While they didn't give us much in the form of specs, the mere fact that they have announced full-color 3D printer that is in reach of consumers is an important step forward for expanding 3D printing into homes, schools and small businesses.  Combined with all the other new announcements, we end up with a broad entry-level playing field where we can get our feet wet and strive to grow.

I'm loving it!

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