Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hershey and 3D Printing... A Bit of Heaven on Earth

It's been many, many years ago.  But, I still cannot forget my first trip to the Hershey factory.  Back then (in the old days) visitors could actually take a tour through the original factory.  The tour came with a cup of hot chocolate and some candy samples.  It was heavenly!

Hershey's Factory Tour

All the generations of my family since then... children and grandchildren... have enjoyed visiting Hershey.  These days we are a bit removed from the manufacturing; but, the fun of taking the Hersey's Chocolate World tour remains a favorite.

Hershey's Chocolate, and its founder, Milton Hershey, have always held my respect and affection.  Now, I have one more reason for elevating the level of that respect since it is now obvious that Hershey's, in spite of its age and history, enthusiastically embraces the future.

Hershey's and 3D Systems has signed a multi-year agreement to explore and deliver innovative sweets via 3D printing!  It was announced in the following press release:

3D Systems and Hershey Team Up To Deliver 3D Printed Edibles

I don't know about you.  But, I DO know that this is terrific news to me.  I can't wait to see the variety of flavors and textures that come out of just this one single agreement.  And, there is at least one other person that I KNOW is going to find this to be OUTSTANDING news.

Granddaughter's Reaction to the ChefJet News

My oldest granddaughter happened to stumble on to the original CES announcement for the ChefJet and instantly sent me a wildly enthusiastic email practically demanding that I get one.  There is nothing like the idea of custom made confections to really get creative minds going!  You can bet that we will be following the Hershey developments VERY closely.

Saluting a Pioneer in 3D Chocolate Printing

I love creative people.  But, I REALLY love pioneers.  Noy Schaal was a high school student in 2006 when she modified a FAB@Home RepRap machine and created, as far as I know, the very first 3D printed chocolate candies which she presented at the Kentucky state science fair.  While it all sounds so simple.  It wasn't.  It was a remarkable achievement by any measure. She later went on to write a paper that examined 3D printing of a variety of foods

I'm not sure what she's doing these days.  But, her achievement has been documented in several books, well documenting her place in 3D history.
Chocolate and 3D Printing!!!   YA GOTTA LOVE IT!

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