Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First the Sense and Now the iSense for the iPad!!


iSense Scanner for the iPad

The Sense 3D Scanner for PC platforms is barely a few months old and now 3D Systems has turned their attention to Apple fans with the iSense, a 3D scanner that attaches to the iPad.

The fact that this $500 scanner actually attaches to the iPad will make it even easier to use than the original PC based Sense because the scanner and viewing surface will be well integrated.

There is a video on YouTube.  But, at the point of this writing, due to the closeness to the announcement was still listed as UNLIST.  But, I'm certain that 3D Systems will welcome sharing it here.


It's not clear, at this point, how the scanner will be integrated with Sculpt.  But, it definitely will be optimized for 3D printing and sharing 3D scans.  So, I'm confident that getting the scans into Cubify Sculpt will be trivial.

ChefJet Series Kitchen Ready 3D Printers

Starting under $5,000, the Chefjet series of printers capable of creating edible offerings looks like something I would love to have.   

Chefjet Confection Printer

At the $10,000 level (Chefjet Pro) you can print those calories in full color!! :)

I just wish I were at CES to sample the prints!

CaraJet Ceramic 3D Printer

Also announced was the CaraJet 3D printer that prints ceramic materials.  The materials print ready for coloring, glazing and firing in traditional clay fashion.  

Colored, Glazed & Fired CaraJet Clay Prints

At just under $10,000, it's definitely for those making a living selling ceramic designs.  But, it's a major breakthrough and I expect it to find a LOT of loving homes.  It is expected to become available in the second half of 2014.

Now... if I could only come up with $10,000!!!!  :)

Just before CES, I was warned by a 3D Systems official to be prepared for a wild and wonderful ride in 2014.  Now I know exactly what they meant.  I certainly can't afford all of the new offerings.  But, what a CES it has been!   


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