Friday, November 7, 2014

Cube3 Firmware Update is Already Available

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When the firmware update is complete you will be asked something like "Press the Button to Restart".  In my experience, a single button press does not automatically restart the printer.  It turns the printer off.  I then seem to have to press and HOLD the button again to accomplish the restart.  I will check this with Cube Support on Monday.

No sooner than I had uploaded my last post, than I saw that a new firmware update was available for the Cube3.   The latest firmware version, at this time, is 1.08B

Just as I have been writing, the Cube team is being very proactive at listening to us and quickly addressing those issues they have spotted or that users have reported from the field.

I urge everyone to upgrade their firmware to this latest version.

If you have the Cube3 connected to WiFi, the update is very easy.  Just go to "Setup", select the symbol that looks like a memory chip and press to check to see if you have the latest firmware update,  If not, it will download and install the update for you.

I have no idea, as yet, all the areas this firmware targets; but, it is my understanding that one of its functions is to refine the auto-gap process for even greater precision.

It takes a while to download and install; but, it should be well worth it.

I can say this with confidence because of my experience with firmware updates for the Cube 2.  With each firmware update from the date it was released, the Cube 2 became an incrementally and substantially better printer with noticeable improvements in print quality.

Although it's hard to imagine what they could do to improve the already beautiful print quality of the Cube 3, I expect the same overall improvements in the user's experience from the Cube team with the Cube 3 firmware updates.


  1. Thanks for the information.This will be helpful for updating cube 3.

  2. If the Cube 2 history is any indication, and I believe it is, they will be very diligent about bringing us firmware updates to continue to improve the Cube 3's capabilities.

  3. what if my cube isn't connected to WIFI?

  4. I checked this for you because I didn't kno myself. :)

    For now, if your printer is not connected by WiFi, you should email Cubify support.and they will not only send you an update; but, THE latest update with full instructions. I would put "Need Latest Cbe3 Firmware" as my email title.

    You should have it within 24 hours and most likely within 12 hours unless it's a weekend. Cubify Support now has global coverage so there are very few hours in the day when a support center is not taking emails and responding to them.

  5. Tom,

    Thank you for your answers to my questions earlier today!

    I just installed the latest firmware yesterday and I now have a new option on my cube screen menu which says calibration. I clicked on it and it appears to offer some kind of manual bed leveling but I don't think it changed anything and I still ended up performing the auto level and auto gap afterwards. The next print however separated on the second layer. The first fused nicely to the bed but the remaining layers lifted about a third of the model. It was a 5mm high cylinder with a 76mm inside diameter and 80mm outside diameter to test how it does infill. I think it is a leveling issue as only a third of its circumference lifted? Otherwise perhaps it is an extrusion problem.

    I thought it would print the first layer would print the inner and outer diameters first then a crisscross infill between them because of the diamond fill setting but it actually just printed 4 rings to make up the first layer of the cylinder. Weird.

  6. Tom,

    I just received support from cubify and they told me how this new feature works and it also fixes the different gap you and others have between nozzles one and two and the leveling issues that I had. Ironically to your other post which explained why you don't like links, this is direct from cubify and fully explains (visually) the process of prepping the cube 3 for print.

    Good luck fellow Cube Users!!

  7. Thank you, 3dFan! The link above is safe; but, dropping everything from the "&" on back works better

    It's one of the best videos I've seen from 3D Systems.

    I understand that not all printers will need to be re-calibrated as printers leaving the factory recently do not have the printjet height differences.


  8. Tom,

    I have recently received the new Cube 3, but the system has issue, wifi won't connect, the extruder isn't working. It appears to be software engineering issue that the mobile cartridge dispenser isn't moving to the exact spot of extruder to melt the plastic. Do you think the fireware upgrade would help?

    Tried to reach Cubify in email, their reply said it is the issue of the cartridge which is very absurd.

    It will be great if you can offer any advice or help

    1. Please forward both your email to support and their response to me so that I can try to figure out what is specifically going on with your printer.

      There IS an issue with the early filament which explains their answer; but, I would like to better understand the issues you are having. What is happening with the current filament is that it strips at the gear that pushes it into the printer because the surface is too soft. A new compound filament is coming soon that, hopefully, will fix the problem.

      Keep watching for an update on the arrival and testing of the new filament.