Sunday, November 30, 2014

Suggestion Before First Print

I can only go on who my particular Cube 3 behaves.  But, Auto Gap, on my machine, seems to leave the print gap too small.  So, right after running print gap, I check the height with the included gapping tool.  If it's too low, I use the manual gapping option to ensure that my gap is not the cause of a clog.

So, whether you are starting with a new printer, or a newly released cartridge with the updated filament, it might be wise to check your gap before accepting that auto-gap was truly successful.

Remember, my machine was one of the early releases that uses a shim to align the print jet tips.  Later machines have a fixed print jet with no user adjustment.  It might be that while my print jets are even, they are evenly misplaced and that auto-gap assumes they protrude to a specification that I have altered too far in or out.

In any case, it doesn't hurt to check the gap when auto gap finishes just to be on the safe side.

I am trying to find whether the auto gap applies to the print housing or to a particular print jet tip.  Watching it work, it seems to me that it is setting the proper distance for the housing and assumes the tips are protruding a precise distance.  I suspect both print jet tips are even; but, may now protrude too low on my particular machine... requiring the manual refinement.


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    1. Hi, Tom
      Have you solved that jet height issue already? i just got my Hex driver, and tried to adjust my jets, but looks like the jets height won't change even i turn the screws 2 or 3 rounds.

      Thanks, Xiao

    2. As I was adjusting the position, it crossed my mind that we really don't know if the higher one should come down or the lower one should be raised. Since my attempt appeared to work as expected I just went forward without following up. But, your experience leads me to believe the question needs to be pursued.

  2. Hi, Tom
    Thanks, i have made it, just need to screw it very harder to push the lower one up. i already saw the bracket (white plastic), a little bit bent. but anyway, it worked. but unfortunately, another issue happened, my Neon green clogged, i am just contacting Cubify for repairment.

  3. Until the new filament is sent to us this is going to be the case... clogs.