Thursday, November 13, 2014

SPAM and Comment Policy Explanation

I have been blogging long enough to spot a comment pretending to praise the writing; but, is actually nothing more than a ploy designed to cover the real goal of dropping a SPAM link having nothing to do with 3D printing.  I have deleted hundreds of them, if not thousands.  I've lost count.

Spammers, I moderate theses forums as closely and as timely as I can and delete those comments that contain links.  While there may be a few exceptions where I check a link and it seems helpful enough to the readers of this blog that I leave it; but, they have been few and far between.

Obviously, 3D printing is hot right now.  And, spammers like to follow hot topics hoping to skim off some readers.  But, I do my best to protect my readers from most links because that is the best way to minimize the potential for malicious links.

The reason for writing this is because as the popularity of 3D printing and this blog grows, so too has the number of spammers being drawn here.  I don't actually believe they read any of the articles, so I'm probably wasting my time telling them that they will be wasting their time by trying to use this blog for their own selfish purposes.  But, I thought it was worth a shot.  :)

I wonder how many spammers will add their bogus words of priase to THIS post!  :)

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