Thursday, January 15, 2015

2 More Reasons for Loving Moment of Inspiration

As most of you know, I am a real fan of Moment of Inspiration for creating the 3D objects that I print. It is precise, powerful and extremely fast and easy to use.

In fact, it is so easy that we use it to teach our Youth ChalleNGe cadets 3D design in our YouthQuest 3DThinkLink Lab classes.  Now, remember, our students are high school dropouts hoping to obtain their GED in a special boot camp style educational environment!

We have been using MOI Version 2 in our classes.  But, with the release of Version 3.0, we will be upgrading and the cadets are really going to be excited by two new 'verbs' at their disposal, TWIST and FLOW.

TWIST deforms an object around any user selected axis.  It's possible to create very complex shapes by applying TWIST multiple time using a different axis each time.  It can do some amazing transformations on the simplest of 3D shapes.

FLOW uses objects on a plane to project copies onto a selected surface.  The most common use is wrapping text around a cylinder.  It easily allows us to create personalized items like pencil holders and decorative electric votive candle holders.

Here is a short video demonstrating these power new MOI Version 3.0 capabilities.  There is no sound in this video.


The number one capability people have asked me about in 3D design programs is wrapping text around objects,  The 3.0 MOI beta had it; but, now it's released so that anyone downloading the trial can check it out.  I will be creating a full tutorial on both TWIST and FLOW in the near future.

In the meantime, feel free to shoot me an email if you need some help getting a handle on it with the trial version.

I love Moment of Inspiration and I have no hesitation at all recommending it.

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