Saturday, January 17, 2015

Embedding Text & Objects in Vertical Surfaces

Being able to emboss objects into a vertical wall is definitely cool. 

But, clean 3D printing often requires the emboss pattern be created with an object that has had its back surface CHAMFERed.

And, that presents a problem when we want to apply text or a complex object that cannot easily be CHAMFERed into a vertical oriented wall.

For these objects, perhaps the best option is to embed the objects into the wall so that the object itself is the support needed for clean 3D printing.

Here is a short video (No sound) that walks through the process of using Moment of Inspiration's new FLOW command and BOOLEAN DIFF to precisely and cleanly wrap and embed complex objects into a vertical surface.

 The videos should be ample testimony as to why I love using Moment of Inspiration as or primary 3D design application.  It's just a joy to use.

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