Wednesday, January 28, 2015

John Pennington Invited to Explore 3D Coat

As everyone that reads this blog knows, I love using Moment of Inspiration (MOI3D) for creating the 3D objects I print.   And, for simple organic sculpting, I use Sculpt.   But, the world of 3D design is much broader than these packages cover.  So, when John Pennington, a friend, contacted me about his exploration of a voxel based 3D package called 3D Coat I became intrigued about it.

Here is their promo video...  But, be warned!  You might want to turn down your sound before running it!  LOL!

I believe that the best time to teach others is when the struggles of tackling an application is fresh in our minds.  Ultimately, we need experts to fully master an application.  But, in the beginning these very experts can lose us FAR too easily.  So, the fact that John is just beginning his exploration of 3D Coat is something I see as a plus because I know, from experience, how he goes about learning a new 3D design application.  I met John when I was blogging about CBModelPro some years ago.  We both loved the product and John went from complete novice to pushing the envelope with what could be done in a remarkably short period of time.

Consider this to be an experiment in trying to find an organic 3D application that can be used to create sculptures and pieces of art that go beyond what MOI3D or Sculpt can deliver.  As with all such advanced 3D applications the learning curve could be steep.  But, we'll stand back and let John beat the bushes and report back to us what he has found.  If anyone can find the easiest way to get up and running it's John.

The beauty of this experiment is that John doesn't pretend to be a great and accomplished 3D artist.  But, in my experience in hearing about his CBModelPro creations is that what he comes up with is always fun and enjoyable.  He does it because he loves it.  He loves the challenge of learning new things and is great about passing on what he learns to others.

The other benefit of John doing our groundwork for us is that the 3D Coat developers, knowing about this experiment, will be available to help him over some of the hurdles he encounters.  3D Coat is a VERY comprehensive 3D application and I suspect most of their users are equally proficient.  If John can help create entry level articles with clarity, it may take some of the load off the the 3D Coat support effort.  So, it should be a win-win for everyone.

While John is exploring 3D Coat, I plan to upgrade my understanding of Sculpt by adding the new Touch 3D Stylus device which YouthQuest Foundation is adding to our 3D ThinkLink Lab. 

The one I can promise you.  We are in for some FUN!

Welcome aboard John and 3D Coat!

P.S.  If you are already familiar with 3D Coat, I'm sure John would welcome some collaboration.

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