Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More detailed Information Regarding iSense for the iPhone


You can search every article on this blog; but, you will not find a single post were I cut & pasted a press release.  But, because I think the iSense for the iPhone6 is such a huge deal, I'm going to make an exception in the case for the iSense for the iPhone/iPad.

But, first, I am going to try to clarify, to the best of my understanding, what the iPhone/iPad minimum requirements are to successfully use the updated iSense.

Operating System Requirements

The operating system must be iOS 7 or later.  And the CPU must be the Apple A6X, A7.

iPhone Minimum Requirements

The new iSense scanner ONLY works with the iPhone6 or iPhone 6 Plus.  It is attached to the phone with a custom phone case designed specifically for the iPhone 6 series.

Click to see the iPhone6 iSense Case Detail

Even though the iPhone 5 has the proper connector, the scanner is NOT designed to work with the iPhone5.  The iPhone5S uses the A7 chip, so it's confusing as to whether we could get it work or not, aside from the case size differences.  I have an iPad Mini 2, so I should be safe there, and iPhone5S that may or may not work.  But, I have to say that the iSense for the iPhone is important enough for me to happily upgrade to the iPhone6.  :)

 iPad Minimum Requirements

It's a little more difficult to determine exactly which iPads will work with the new iSense.  The press release simply says "Discover the power of mobile 3D scanning on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini with the new iSense."  But, it does not specify WHICH iPads work.  We have two defining requirements, the need for the lightning connector and the fact that the iSense  requires the A6x or A7 CPU.

The iPads running on the A6X are:
  •  iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi Only) 
  •  iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi/AT&T/GPS) 
  •  iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi/Verizon & Sprint/GPS)
Those running on the A7 are:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2 
  • iPad Mini 3
So, it is VERY important that you make sure that the iPhone or iPad that you plan to use with the iSense is compatible.  The original iPad Mini used an a5 chip and probably would not be powerful enough.

Ordering the iSense for the iPhone

At first, if you want to use the iSense with the iPhone6 , you will need to order the iPhone6 version because the custom iPhone6 case will not be available as a separate option for a bit.  But, brackets for the iPads should be available as an extra option so that you can use the iSense across several platforms.  (I expect we could even print the brackets for the iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini; but, don't quote me.)

For current iSense owners, the updated software applications are available for download on the iOS App store.

Here is today's press release.  Yes, it's a cut & paste...... A first on these pages

3D Systems Expands Popular iSense 3D Scanner to iPhone 
  • iSense now available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones
  • New iSense 2.0 app for iOS improves vibrancy of full-color scans for iPhone and iPad users
  • Updates include higher speed, enhanced auto-tracking and texture mapping

ROCK HILL, S.C., June 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) 

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that the popular iSenseTM 3D scanner is now available for the iPhone®, making it more portable than ever. Designed with an exclusive 3D printed case from Cubify® users can simply snap the iSense case onto their iPhone and immediately begin to transform real life people or objects into digital three-dimensional scans anywhere and anytime. Watch a video here to see the iSense in action.

The new iSense also includes a major upgrade for the iSense app, available for both iPhone and iPad® users for free. The new app upgrade offers enhanced tracking, increased speed up to 3 times faster than previous versions, and full-color vibrancy via texture mapping. Improvements made to the tracking and speed deliver a smoother and easier scanning experience, quicker average scan times of 5 to 30 seconds, and an enjoyable user experience. This major app update is available for free to all existing iSense owners in the iOS app store.
The iSense is the only 3D scanner that provides easy, quick, precise, instant physical photography in full color that works with an iPhone or iPad. The versatile scan volume allows for iSense users to capture objects in a variety of sizes with ease and quality. The intuitive interface makes it simple to edit 3D files and prepare them for 3D printing, making it easy to convert the physical world into digital before returning it to physical again.
The iSense 3D Scanner uses a scanning engine by Occipital for its capture technology, and the 3D Systems iSense software app for processing and editing the data as part of a collaboration between 3DS and Occipital to innovate and optimize mobile 3D scanning for 3D printing.
"Working with 3D Systems has let us bring the latest improvements to our 3D scanning engine from the iPad to the iPhone for the first time ever," said Adam Rodnitzky, Vice President of Marketing for Occipital. "The iSense for iPhone and iPad brings the powerful and unique capabilities of content optimization for 3D printing designed for consumer use."
The iSense for iPhone is immediately available for pre-order on Cubify with commercial shipments expected to commence July 7, 2015. Priced at $499, the iSense for iPhone and iPad will be available on Cubify as well as at retailers B&H Photo and BestBuy.com.

Product Features:

Physical photography for iPhone and iPad

Discover the power of mobile 3D scanning on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini with the new iSense. Its integrated design makes it easy to capture every dimension of your favorite moments on your Apple device. Scan your family and friends, everyday events and adventures, all on your iPhone or iPad, all in 3D.

Big or small, scan it all

From shoes to SUVs, iSense has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small.

Edit with ease

With quick cropping, enhancement and solidifying tools, iSense can prepare 3D printable files within minutes.

Scanned for 3D printing

Physical to digital, and back again. Fully integrated with Cubify.com and your Cube 3D printer, iSense allows you to upload scans directly for 3D printing, either at home or through cloud printing.

Zero in on what matters

Automatic object recognition extracts precise targets from the busiest of backgrounds.

Upgrade your iPhone or iPad and get inspired on the go

The compact snap-on design of iSense instantly transforms your Apple device into a 3D scanner, giving you the freedom to scan spontaneously wherever you are. Purchase multiple brackets to fit all your iPad and iPhone sizes. Take it with you and allow your physical world to spark your creativity.
Learn more about 3DS' commitment to manufacturing the future today at www.3dsystems.com and the company's consumer offerings at www.cubify.com.


  1. It IS cool, isn't it? I truly think the iPhone development is a game changer when it comes to consumer scanning. It simply builds on what all of us are doing now with the regular camera phone and takes it to a new level. It should be a very different experience from the original Sense on a lot of levels.

    I love what I could do with the original Sense; but, the hardware wasn't as transparent as the iSense. I hope they do the same thing for Win8 and Android tablets at some point.