Monday, June 1, 2015

The rocking Horse - Video 7 of 3D Coat Experience

Hello again

3D Coat just released Version 4.5. It is no longer in beta. And, I have to tell you it is astounding.

The new PBR Shaders make finishing the completed objects so much easier to do. I have played with most of the major players in 3D software and they all seem to make things difficult unless you spend years learning their way. 3D coat designers seem to be very intuitive as to how to make things work in simplicity.

Okay.  Enough of that.  Lets talk about our current tutorial.

Rocking Horse - 3D Coat (No Texture)

The Rocking Horse.   

We all grew up with one.  And, many of us have one passed down by family.   Just as I've done in previous videos, I'll make our 3D rocking horse from a clip art base. The concentration of this video is in developing a discipline to your modeling structure. Order is always beneficial to the workflow. Coming back to a project, that perhaps had been set aside, it's easy to lose the inspirational momentum. But, it is easier if we understand the order of our modeling and use that progression to continue to move forward.

I'll deal with some common issues that I believe you will encounter, just as I have, in an attempt to relieve frustrations. I took my time in this so you may want to speed it up as you go through it and then watch it as you try to replicate your rocking horse. Feel free to use the clip art I have shared at the bottom of the post to work with the exact parts I did in this video.

The above picture is the end result from this tutorial. After the tutorial ends I go onto finish some of the detailing. And the image below is that result. I plan to add to this lesson how to apply the textures as seen in the video.

Rocking Horse - 3D Coat (With Texture)

So enjoy and we will be posting the next lesson very soon.

Thanks for the comments.  Keep them coming. 

feel free to use this clip art to go through the tutorial.

Clip Art used in the video

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