Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MORE Good news! iSense for the iPhone!!!

You may have already been sent an announcement; but, in case not. I just HAD to let you know about this one... the iSense for the iPhone.

iSense for the iPhone

The description implies that this new release fits both iPhones and iPads having the Apple Lightning connector.

Lest you fear that the small screen on an iPhone would be an impediment, I have mated an even smaller display to my original Sense and KNOW that being able to see the scan directly in line with the scanner makes an amazing difference in scan reliability and quality.   I absolutely trust that the same will be true of the iPhone.
I would post a picture of my modified Sense; but, it's on loan to Animal Ortho Care, a very cool company that regularly uses the Sense in their work creating orthopedic devices for animals.  They've had a Sense for a long time; but, wanted to evaluate the usefulness of attaching a small monitor to the Sense.  But, picture or not, I know that being able to view the scan directly, even on a smaller screen, is highly beneficial.

I am a fan of the Sense.  I know it works when used properly for the applications for which it is intended.  But, the iSense for the iPhone takes the concept to a whole new level.

Think about it. With the full color CubeJet potentially shipping by the end of the year, the full color iSense, with the upgraded software that was released earlier, is a perfect accessory.  And, even for those of us with the Cube and CubePro machines, the iSense only adds to the fun.

I can tell you this.  The cadets in our YouthQuest 3D ThinkLink Lab classes are going to go bonkers over this one.  As Uncle Sy Robertson would say. "That's a FACT Jack!"**  :)

** Sorry about that; but, the redneck in me just breaks loose at times. Especially when I get as excited as this over something.   LOL!
dear buyers
dear buyers

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