Saturday, December 6, 2014

PLA_GAP.CUBE3 should be PLA_GAP.cube3

Thank Dave Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon for this find....

If you were sent a test print file by support, called PLA_GA_.CUBE3 or ABS_GAP.CUBE3 and neither the Cubify Client nor the Cube 3 would recognize it as a valid file. all you have to do is rename the file to change the upper case "CUBE" to a lower case 'cube'.

Go figure....

I ran into it right away.  But, I don't have a PhD like Dr. Touretzky.  So, I just shrugged my shoulders and abandoned trying to print it.  LOL!

This confirms the wisdom of one of the principles I have followed for years.. "Always hang around with people that are smarter than you!"

Trust me.  It pays.  Dr. Touretzky just proved it.  :)

Thanks, Dr. Touretzky.  But, one has to wonder how 3D Systems got it to work.... hmmmm.


Now that I was able to print the gap test object, it confirms to me that the issues we are having with clogs are simply filament based.  I printed the test print in black PLA and the results were beautiful  This is the very same gap I was using when I clogged 3 different cartridges  That, in an odd way, is good news in two ways.  First, that my gap is now correctly set and secondly that I can expect the new filament to work just fine to put the clogging issues behind us.


  1. Tom,

    I just tried using my black cartridge for the first time and it clogged a few seconds into the raft. Then just continued to print with no pla coming out. I cancelled the print and tried again without removing the cartridge and it purges fine during heat up phase but then fails exactly a few seconds into the raft again and just clicks like crazy. With your clogs do they still purge for you? Also, after the last update my gap difference between the right and left nozzles is slightly off again and the video link from cubify on youtube no longer is valid. Do you remember the sequence?

    1. Thank you for alerting me. I'm disappointed to hear that the videos are no longer available and will ask to get them up and running again.

      Since the bulk of the new Cube 3's that will be produced no longer use or need those procedures, I'm guessing they felt they were no longer needed and might, in fact, be confusing for future Cube owners.

      I do have a printed copy of the procedure for those that need it. But, it's best to contact support by email to get the latest version if it's been updated.

    2. Tom,

      when your cartridges have clogged do they still purge when heating up when you retry? My cartridge does but wont get past the first line of raft material before it clicks over and over and continues to air print without anything coming out. I don't know if it's my cartridge or the side of the machine the cartridge is on or if its a bad extruder motor.

  2. I just think until we get the new filament that we're not going to be able to move onto any useful evaluation of other issues that might exist.

    Somewhere in my studio/shop I have an infrared thermometer that I want to use to test the consistency of the temperature at the tip.