Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 Hours in and Still Printing Beautifully

I'm 12 hours into a 20+ hour print job and, so far, it is printing very precisely and extremely cleanly.  The next 8 hours tells the tale.

The object being printed is a 3 plate bay version of a design, if successful,  that I hope will be made available on the Cubify cite, as will a single plate bay version and a dual plate bay version. 

Cube3 Tool Caddy - 3 Plate Storage with Gap Tool Guide

As you can see, the are many tall structures and they are printing perfectly so far.  The colors in the image are notional as the actual colors are chosen at print time.  Of course it would print MUCH faster in a single color.  Normally, I would only make the gap tool holder (right object) a different color to make it more visible in the cradle in which it sits in the caddy (behind tool towers).

It caddy really helps to organize Cube3 accessories and recommended tools compactly.  And, the gap tool guide makes using the gap tool a LOT easier.  WAhen it finishes printing I will put up an image with all the tools, etc. in place.

See you in 8+ hours with great news, if it finishes successfully, or sooner with not-so-great news if it fails.  I'm pretty confident it's going to run to completion.


  1. Tom;

    Good news on the new materials from your latest posts, I am looking forward to seeing your test file and the Cube organizer available on Cubify.

    Was surprised to see that the graphic representation in the print progress view is no longer available in the 1.09 firmware revision.

    3d Systems has indicated it may be back in subsequent revisions but no promises.

    The printjet temp monitors is a nice touch though.

    Keep your posts coming and thanks

    1. I had completely missed the temperature readout and it is a HUGE improvement. It will allow us to debug clogs much, mush more precisely. THAT YOU SO MUCH for alerting me!!!

      NICE FIND!