Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2 Color Test Results: New Filament Success

For the first time since I received the new Cube 3, I can report that I have been able to successfully print in PLA using the new filament.  I am VERY happy.

Here is an image of the new design for testing Filament, Gap, Level and Temperature Control.

And, here is the printed results.  Click on the image to examine it in full size.  

The "R" shows some close wall anomalies; but, other than that, the test was a resounding success.

As soon as I get some white filament, I think I will throw a little party and have some home made icecream!  It was easy to whip up using Moment of Inspiration.

Moment of Inspiration Icecream Sundae

Now, none of this would be possible without paying close attention to ensuring proper gap and level before printing.  New filament is not going to fix a poor gap or level condition.  But, I think we are now off and running!!!

I plan to upload the test file to 


  1. Nice - now if only the Cubify elves would pack and ship my filament order, that would make two people happy! ;-)

  2. You just have to move closer! LOL!

    I still have more than a few clogged cartridges to return myself. I have to say that the sounds I hear from the right side as it prints definitely keep me on edge. :) But, it's still cranking away. It will be finished printing my first non-test 2-color piece in another 17h29m. That should be the ultimate test. It is the piece that failed when I first tried 2 color printing with the Yellow in the right side. It was a gap issue that is now fixed.