Friday, December 19, 2014

A Cube3 Essential (Shameless overstatment of fact)

OK.  This is a shameless plug.  So, if you don't like shameless plugs, exit quickly!

As mentioned earlier, I have designed, for my own use, a tool caddy to keep the essential tools I use with the Cube3 organized.  But, I believe that it is designed well enough to be very useful for all Cube3 owners and users.  The caddy is designed in three models characterized by the number of extra print tables it stores.  I use a 3 print table version.  But, there is a version that stores a single print table and another that stores two print tables.

ALL of the caddy STL files also include THE most useful item I created to help me set up my Cube3, a gap tool alignment guide.  It not only makes sure that the gap tool is under the correct print jet; but, keeps the gap tool from slipping.

Here is the single print plate version.

Single Print Plate Cube3 Tool Caddy

I STRONGLY urge users to purchase a second print plate so that glue can be put down on one plate while another is printing.  So, the basic caddy provides a place to store an extra print plate.  For those using the Cube3 in the classroom, even more print plates maximize your classroom print cycles.  So, the large version that I use provides for 3 print plates.  All, however, have an equal number of tool holders and the gap tool guide.

I can tell you from experience that it really helps clean up your Cube3 work area.  And, the gap tool alignment guide make positioning the Gap Tool a breeze.  No more slipping off the table!

Gap Tool Alignment Guide on Print Table

And, the great thing about it is that it can be left on the print plate during the auto gap and auto level

I plan to sell each Caddy design for $10.  And, I wish I could tell you that the STL was available on  But, while I had figured out how to do so on the first Cubify store, the new 'Design' feed has me completely baffled for the moment.  

As a test, I tried to upload the Gap, Level & Print Jet object with which I test the quality of the print setup on a Cube3.  You have seen images of the completed printed objects sitting on a Cube3 print table.  But, the automated analysis that came back stated that it could not be printed on ANYTHING! 

Cubify Analysis Report

That's a LOT of NOs!  You know of course what this means.... ANOTHER QUEST!

I had completely ignored exploring the changes to the Cubify site because the clogging issues took every bit of my spare time to research and address.  So, I am just getting around to expanding my knowledge of the other aspects of for entirely selfish reasons.  I want to sell you useful things to help pay for my passion!!!   If I can't figure it out, I can't sell!!! :)

But, first things first.  I need to first figure out how to GIVE you useful things... like the Gap, Level & Print Jet test file, above, for FREE!  As soon as I can figure out how to do it so that Cubify says it CAN be printed on a Cube3, I will post the link.  In the meantime, I am trying to find someone within that can hold my hand through the learning process.  I sure hope they don't mind dealing with whimpering old men.  There are a lot of things I DON'T know.  But, I DO know whining and whimpering!  I'm an expert at it.

By the way, as soon as I get the Cube3 Tool Caddies up on line you'll see another area of expertise...  Groveling.  I do that almost as well as whining!!!  "Please, oh PLEASE buy my uploads!"  How's that for a start.  LOL!

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